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Working From Home With Hearing Loss

Over 37 million Americans have some type of hearing loss. With more employees working from home now more than ever, hearing …


Four Signs That Your Hearing Aids Are In Need Of Repair

Even the most meticulously cared for hearing aids need some adjustments eventually, but how do you know when that time has c…


10 Tips for Tinnitus: How to Cope With Phantom Sound

At Francis Audiology, we want you to know that tinnitus doesn’t have to leave you helpless. Here are ten tips from us on how…


Hearing in a Winter Wonderland

Winter weather can have serious effects on your ear health as your body responds to low temperatures. Here are just some of …


Sounds of the Season: Coping With Hearing Loss During the Holidays

Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, but these exciting gatherings can be difficult for those with hearing…


Music, Listening Devices, and Hearing Loss: What You Need to Know

Portable music players and smartphones have become popular methods of listening to music - and that's bad news for our ears.…


Reader Beware: The #1 Cause of Hearing Loss Is All Around Us

Hearing loss is a prevalent, often preventable health issue that severely hinders a sufferer’s quality of life. And the lead…


3 Smart Ways You Can Protect Your Hearing Every Day

Listen up! Things like unsafe use of personal audio devices and headphones, as well as exposure to noisy entertainment venue…


Hearing Loss & The Brain: What We Know & Why You Should Care

Hearing loss is a common ailment often blamed on the aging process. Unfortunately, this mindset minimizes growing medical co…