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Diagnostic Evaluation

Stop searching for "Hearing Tests Near Me". Francis Audiology Associates provides superior audiology evaluations throughout Pittsburgh, PA for determining your needs.

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Hearing Tests & Diagnostic Center – Wexford, PA

Hearing loss is gradual, and people often do not recognize when it becomes severe enough to warrant (intervention) hearing aids. At Francis Audiology Associates, there are various tests we use to determine the degree of hearing loss, the type of hearing loss, and the conditions of the ear canal and middle ear. During your initial visit, you will be asked questions about your medical and hearing history including what you may already know about your hearing status. We will determine the magnitude, audiometric configuration and the type of hearing loss you may have. Your hearing loss may be conductive (outer ear problem) or sensorineural (inner ear problem causing unreliable signals to your brain) or a central pathology(opens in a new tab) which may be treated with or without amplification.

Find out what our hearing professionals can do to treat your hearing loss! We are located in Wexford, PA and serving all communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. You can call (724) 933-3440 or book an appointment online to meet with one of our expert Audiologists!


Providing Superior Audiology Evaluations Throughout Pittsburgh, PA

Francis Audiology Associates performs hearing tests for two types of hearing loss - conductive and sensorineural. Your treatment will depend on the type and degree of hearing loss you’re experiencing. Our certified audiologists have over 20 years of clinical experience, and act in compliance with the AAA (American Academy of Audiology) and ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association). Book your hearing test below.

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FAQs on Diagnostic Evaluation:

What is an Audiometric Evaluation?

An audiometric evaluation is a painless, noninvasive hearing test that measures your ability to hear different sounds, pitches, or frequencies. It is recommended that you avoid loud noise for 16 hours prior to audiometric testing(opens in a new tab). An audiometric evaluation requires no other special preparation. All you have to do is show up to your appointment on time and follow your audiologist’s instructions.

What is a Tympanometry Test?

Tympanometry(opens in a new tab) is used to diagnose and monitor problems in the middle ear. The test measures the movement of your tympanic membrane in response to changes in pressure. We will place a flexible rubber tip in your ear. The probe will cause the air pressure in your ear canal to change as you hear low-pitched tones, similar to the pressure changes felt during flight take-off and landing.

What are Otoacoustic Emissions?

Otoacoustic Emissions (OAEs)(opens in a new tab) provide an "acoustic fingerprint" to detect early signs of hearing loss. It tests the important structures within the cochlea. Shaped like a snail, the inner ear or cochlea contains thousands of tiny sensory cells called hair cells, which convert sound waves into electronic signals that are dispatched to the brain via the hearing nerve. The brain then deciphers those signals and tells us what we're hearing. If these hair cells are damaged in any manner, it can result in a possible hearing loss. We will place a foam or rubber tip that fits into your ear canal. You will be required not to move or talk while the procedure is done.

Why choose Francis Audiology Associates?

We have spent years obtaining clinical experience in hearing science. Our practice is compliant with AAA (American Academy of Audiology) and ASHA (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association) evaluation and assessment policies. We truly believe in our motto: Best Practices - Our Standard of Care. We also perform hearing rehabilitation and sell hearing aids, hearing protection, and custom molds for iPods and Sleep Plugs. We also sell Musician Plugs ER-9, 15, 25 and Musician's Monitors.