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10 Tips For Wearing Hearing Aids With A Mask

Wearing and removing face masks can present an extra challenge for those who wear hearing aids. Our latest blog explains how…


How To Care For Your Hearing Aids During Cold Weather

The circuitry inside your hearing aids is delicate, and cold weather makes them especially vulnerable to performance issues.…


Using Headphones with Hearing Aids: Yes, You Can Wear Both!

Advancements in hearing aid technology have made it easier than ever to wear headphones and hearing aids simultaneously. So …


Hearing in a Winter Wonderland

Winter weather can have serious effects on your ear health as your body responds to low temperatures. Here are just some of …


5 Signs Your Hearing Aids Might Need A Checkup

You’ve selected your new hearing aids - but your hearing aid experience can’t end there. Hearing aids are vulnerable to wear…


8 Best Hearing Aid Care Practices That You Should Follow

The good news is that many problems with hearing aids can be prevented with daily maintenance and proper care. Visit our lat…