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Hearing Aid Repair

Francis Audiology Associates provide hearing aid repairs & custom earmold creations in Wexford, PA. Stop your searches for "Hearing Aid Repair Near Me".

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Francis Audiology Associates LLC

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Hearing Aid Repair Services – Wexford, PA

Hearing aids are tiny machines with sophisticated computer systems constantly evaluating and adjusting to your “hearing environment”. Even if you take care of your hearing aids and keep up with regular maintenance, damage can be caused by everyday wear and tear. Many hearing aids come with up to a three-year warranty.

The common cause for faulty hearing aids is a dead battery. Make sure to check the battery before you take your hearing aids in for a repair. If replacing the battery has no effect, don’t hesitate to contact Francis Audiology Associates and have us check for any necessary hearing aid repairs. Our practice is conveniently located in Wexford, PA, serving all communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Call (724) 933 3440 or book an appointment online!


Regular Hearing Adjustments & Repairs for Maintaining Your Ideal Hearing Environment

Routine maintenance on hearing aids is essential in order to maximize their performance and life expectancy. Our audiologists have proudly helped the Southwestern Pennsylvania community repair and adjust their hearing devices for over 20 years. Let our professionals help you with your hearing aids, request an appointment below.

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FAQs on Hearing Aid Repair:

When is hearing aid repair needed?

Hearing aids typically last for three to five years(opens in a new tab). If your hearing aid is beyond five years old and needs repair, sometimes, it makes more sense to purchase a new device and obtain the newest technology with a trial and a new warranty period. It is best to recognize when hearing aid repairs are needed and to get them fixed before additional damage is caused. Here are some of the signs that your hearing devices may require service:

  1. Sounds are difficult to hear
  2. Sounds are distorted or muffled
  3. Sounds are at a very low volume

Why is hearing aid repair important?

Some simple and routine maintenance will help ensure proper function and top performance of your hearing aids. In addition to the improved performance, proper care may even increase the life expectancy of your hearing instruments.

How can Francis Audiology Associates help me?

We understand that having an issue with your hearing aid is a frustrating experience and we don”t want you to miss any of your precious moments. We aim to make the hearing aid repair process as affordable and hassle-free as possible. If you bought the hearing aid from Francis Audiology, we commonly provide hearing aid repairs under warranty for the following major brands we sell: Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Widex, Siemens, and Starkey.

Even if your hearing aid is past its warranty period, the good news is that your hearing instrument specialist at Francis Audiology may be able to help for little or no cost. Minor repairs and replacements are easy to do right in the office, so stop in our office in Wexford, PA or book an appointment online.