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Wireless Hearing Devices

Francis Audiology Associates offer wireless hearing devices throughout the greater pittsburgh, PA area. Book an appointment today and stop looking for "wireless hearing devices near me"

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Wireless Hearing Devices

If you are experiencing hearing loss, you can now benefit from the latest technology in hearing aids. Bluetooth and wireless hearing devices can offer benefits are to such a degree that individuals with hearing loss are actually experiencing sound in ways that even normal hearing individuals might envy.

Smart hearing aids have evolved from their sole focus on treating hearing loss(opens in a new tab). Because they are true wearables, you are poised to one day become an integrated part of mobile health and the "Internet of things" (IoT). Imagine a hearing aid that can monitor your pulse or body temperature or alert you to an upcoming meeting, or when the doorbell rings. Francis Audiology Associates provides expert application of Bluetooth technology.  Our practice is conveniently located in Wexford, PA, serving all communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Call at (724) 933-3440 or book your appointment online today!


Custom Bluetooth Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss

Did you know that bluetooth-enabled hearing aids adapt to every environment to automatically provide the best listening experience, no matter where you are? This is just one of the many incredible benefits of bluetooth hearing aid technology. If you’re interested in browsing our wide selection of bluetooth hearing aids, request an appointment with an audiologist today!

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FAQs on Bluetooth and Wireless Hearing Devices:

What is Bluetooth Enabled Hearing Aids?

Bluetooth is a specific method used to send and receive information between two devices wirelessly. Bluetooth can be quite flexible and has many applications, but we'll just focus on one here: transmitting sound between a smartphone and wireless hearing aids. One of the core elements of modern smart devices is the ability to be aware of the environment and self-adjust. Like the GPS app that guides you as you turn left or right, smart hearing aids automatically detect your sound environment as you move from one listening situation to another(opens in a new tab) and steer your hearing instrument to optimal performance in that environment.

What are the advantages of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Smart devices are seemingly everywhere these days. We have smart TVs, smart watches, and even smart appliances - all branded "smart" due to their ability to connect to Wi-Fi or an app on your smartphone. Early smartphones received their smart designation from their ability to combine the features of a phone with the features of a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Smart hearing aids wirelessly interact with all the gadgets that matter to you, giving you the ability to stream a phone call, listen to iTunes or Pandora radio, or watch a movie from a TV or tablet. They effectively use Bluetooth technology to transform your hearing aids into a high-definition stereo headset. These benefits include:

  1. Listening to a computer module without removing their hearing aids
  2. Playing video games that require a headset to communicate with other players
  3. Talking on the telephone
  4. Listening to a personal MP3 player
  5. Adjusting the TV volume without searching for the remote

What are the benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Smart hearing aids eliminate these manual adjustments. Going back to the GPS analogy, once your "location" is identified, the hearing aids essentially go into autopilot. In other words, both hearing aids work together to detect and analyze the listening environment(opens in a new tab) and then automatically adapt to provide the best listening experience in that situation.

Smart hearing aids are also capable of learning your personal preferences over time(opens in a new tab). Just like your local coffee barista knows exactly how you take your coffee. Smart hearing aids are much better communicators, thanks to something called binaural processing(opens in a new tab). Binaural literally means hearing "with both ears," and hearing aids with this technology boast wireless communication that's constant and much more powerful. Current wireless accessories can connect hearing aids to any device with Bluetooth capabilities and when Bluetooth is not available, the devices can be connected through a jack. Many manufacturers produce "wireless streaming(opens in a new tab)" devices that allow you to stream an audio signal to their hearing aids.

At Francis Audiology, we have a variety of Bluetooth hearing aids available. We maintain high satisfaction and fast service! We are open from 8 am to 5 pm every Tuesday and Thursday and from 8 am to 4 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Call or book an appointment today!