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Hearing Rehabilitation

Stop searching for "Hearing Center Near Me". We provide hearing Rehabilitation services including specialized hearing tests, hearing aid management, & much more.

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Francis Audiology Associates LLC

Pittsburgh's Leading Audiologists and Hearing Aid Specialists located in Wexford, PA

Hearing Rehabilitation Services – Pittsburgh, PA

Hearing rehabilitation is generally defined as the effort to reduce communication problems encountered by individuals with hearing loss. Our goal is to assist you with hearing loss rehabilitation through comprehensive behavior change and increased hearing aid adoption. Often, these processes are complex and require you to learn new skills.

With over 25 years of experience, Francis Audiology Associates provides a comprehensive hearing evaluation which is considered the standard method for determining the type and severity of hearing loss. We have highly qualified audiologists who are compliant to the standards of American Academy of Audiology and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. We are conveniently located in Wexford, PA, serving communities in Western Pennsylvania, including Butler and Allegheny Counties. Call (724) 933-3440 or click to make an appointment today!


Specialized Hearing Tests, Balance Testing & Hearing Aid Management – Wexford, PA

Do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves often, or turning up the volume on the TV? It may be time to have a hearing or balance test at Francis Audiology Associates. One of our qualified audiologists will work with you to determine the best course of action for your individual hearing issues. Request an appointment today!

FAQs on Hearing Rehabilitation:

What is hearing rehabilitation?

Hearing rehabilitation is designed to help people with hearing loss. The process starts with identifying and diagnosing a hearing loss and then working to counter the psychosocial, communicative and lifestyle effects of hearing loss. As hearing aids have become more advanced, the hearing rehabilitation process has become more technology-driven. With the advances in digital signal processing, tough hitting issues such as background noise, loudness recruitment, and challenging hearing losses can be addressed. Additionally, some people require aural rehabilitation training. Aural rehabilitation is a formal program that helps you learn how to use your remaining hearing to successfully understand the conversation. These programs often result in a higher degree of patient satisfaction and successful performance with their hearing aids.

How do I know if I need hearing rehabilitation?

Hearing loss is often a gradual process leading to difficulty in recognizing the severity of the impairment. Some signs that hearing rehabilitation may benefit you include:

  • Needing to increase the volume of the television or radio
  • Difficulty understanding conversations on the telephone
  • Difficulty understanding when in groups or social situations
  • Often ask people to repeat themselves
  • Feeling exhausted after attending social events
  • Avoiding social situations because understanding simply becomes too difficult

When is hearing rehabilitation needed?

With aging, people may experience cognitive changes in their memory and speed of processing. Almost two-thirds of Americans older than 70 have a meaningful hearing loss(opens in a new tab). Experts say that older adults with hearing loss are more likely to report periods of poor physical and mental health and to be hospitalized(opens in a new tab). At Francis Audiology Associates, our goal is to help you hear better through comprehensive behavior change and increased hearing aid adoption. We don’t just offer solutions to improve your hearing loss, we provide solutions in your journey toward better hearing. Call or book your appointment online today!