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Custom Musician Ear Monitors

Put those "Ear Specialist Near Me" searches to rest. Schedule Online with Francis Audiology and get started on creating your custom In-Ear Monitor, IEM.

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Hearing Protection Devices for Musicians

Having to play with limited monitor mixes and screaming feedback can make it very difficult for musicians to perform. There is, however, something you and your band can do to work around this frequently-faced problem: consider using in-ear monitors (IEMs)

Francis Audiology Associates will make sure you're completely satisfied with how everything sounds with your custom musician ear monitor. Our practice is conveniently located at Wexford, PA, serving all communities in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Call (724) 933 3440 or book online to learn more about these products.


Custom In-Ear Headphones & IEMs – Wexford, PA

In-ear monitors (IEMs) provide airtight hearing protection for musicians, while filtering out stage noise and other distracting sounds. Our certified audiologists provide un-molded and molded IEMs, and we have musician plugs ER-9, 15, 25 available for sale. Contact us to learn more about getting a custom-made IEM!

FAQs on Custom Musician Ear Monitors:

What are ear monitors?

The most essential part of your in-ear system is the earpiece. This is, after all, what will deliver what you're hearing throughout the performance. Having something that fits well and stays in place is important. Musician earpieces are not to be confused with your everyday MP3 player earbuds. Your average everyday headphones are designed to allow external sounds like traffic noises, warning signals, and other sources into the ear. They do this by not having a tight seal on the ear channel which in turn allows audible external frequencies into the ear. This is not something you want with your IEM earpiece. Having an airtight fit is important. Keeping stage noise and other sounds out of your ears will make it easier for you to hear(opens in a new tab) what you really want to hear on stage without damaging your hearing.

What types of ear monitors exist?

There are two different types: un-molded or molded earpieces.

  1. Un-molded ears are not as expensive and come with foam or rubber inserts so that the earpiece can have a snug, airtight seal.
  2. Molded IEMs are custom-fitted earpieces that are molded to the shape of your outer ear. Having this custom fit makes them a lot more comfortable to wear and gives you a better acoustic seal.

How can Francis Audiology help me?

Francis Audiology Associates can provide you with musician-specific earplugs that are custom fit precisely to the shape of your ears, and to your specific hearing needs. We sell Musician Plugs ER-9, 15, 25. Schedule time to talk to our fully qualified and registered Audiologists. Call or book an appointment today!