shutterstock_389282047.jpeg (shutterstock_389282047.webp)If you’ve ever seen a live music performance, you have likely noticed that the musicians have a small device in their ears. This device is called an ear monitor, and it allows singers and musicians to properly hear the music they’re performing. 

Why Would I Need An Ear Monitor As A Musician?

Hearing is vital to a musician’s career. Musical performances can create sounds loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. This can damage the musician’s ability to perform the everyday tasks of their vocation. Custom ear monitors, however, can control how much sound musicians absorb during live performances. 

What Are The Advantages of Ear Monitors Over Ordinary Earplugs For Musicians?

Ear monitors can funnel a blend of vocals and instrumentals directly into the musician’s ear. They also allow the musician to regulate how much sound is coming in from the outside without removing the device. Ordinary ear plugs cut off high frequency sounds, which can muffle voices and make the frequency of music dull.

What Else Can Ear Monitors Be Used For?

Ear monitors can also be used for recording, so that a musician hears a customized blend of vocals and instrumentals. In addition, reducing the noise from ambient surroundings can improve focus. Many famous and influential musicians rely on ear monitors to deliver their best performance.

Are Ear Monitors Worth It?

Many musicians find being able to hear their music while they play to be invaluable. Protecting their hearing so they can continue to perform throughout their lives is of great benefit. Ear monitors are also easier to travel and perform with. They can save having to transport large, heavy speakers from gig to gig. Not only that, but being able to move around without tripping over so many large wires allows a more natural and dynamic time to be had by performers. They also allow for avoidance of feedback noises from speakers. 

Why Get Custom-Made Ear Monitors?

Custom fitting of ear monitors allows for an air-tight blocking of sound. It also helps ensure they will be comfortable and stay securely in your ear during an entire performance, which will help preserve your hearing, one of the most important assets any musician can have.

If you would like to eliminate lugging around speakers, protect your ears against future hearing loss, and eliminate ambient noises, consider getting customized ear monitors. These can help you be the best musician you can be. Whether you are an amateur or a professional, in-ear monitors are an important part of the toolkit of any live musician.

If you are interested in customized ear monitors, reach out to Francis Audiology today. Our certified audiologists provide un-molded and molded IEMs that are customized to the shape of your ear, as well as your personal hearing needs. We also offer musician plugs ER-9, 15, and 25. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you with all of your hearing health needs. Call or book an appointment online today for an evaluation.