shutterstock_1723848115_2jo0GfW..jpeg (shutterstock_1723848115.webp)Just because you're suffering from hearing loss and have more notable communication needs doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to take full advantage of modern technology. It shouldn't prohibit you from using your mobile device, especially since they’ve become so essential for day-to-day life.

Our highly experienced team of audiologists at Francis Audiology is dedicated to helping all those in need of hearing care receive compassionate and effective treatment. With the right strategies and technology, you can continue to enjoy your phone conversations despite any hearing impairment. Remember, your hearing loss should not hinder your lifestyle or your connections; with us by your side, you're in capable hands.

Understand Why Hearing Loss Occurs

There is no single, cut-and-dry explanation for one's hearing improving or worsening. Age-related hearing loss, known as presbycusis, can slowly creep in, while noise-induced hearing loss can be the consequence of a rock concert you attended or any number of noisy environments you pass by every day. Infections and genetics are a bit trickier, and often not something you can predict or prevent.

So, how do smartphones relate to your hearing health? These little devices can actually contribute to noise-induced hearing loss if used improperly - for instance, blasting music on your earphones at maximum volume is not a great idea for your ears.

On the flip side, smartphones can also be incredibly useful tools for those with hearing loss. There are a number of ways that one can utilize the advanced technology available today to create an even better hearing experience. These methods, of course, we will go over below.

Take Advantage of Accessibility Features

Did you know that Apple has an array of accessibility features specifically designed to aid people with hearing loss? The first step is to ensure that your phone’s “do not disturb” mode is activated, which will help reduce interruptions and distractions.

Another great feature is the Live Listen option. It uses the built-in microphone of other Apple devices (like an iPad or Mac) to function as a makeshift hearing aid. This allows you to hear conversations more clearly without having to strain your ears. This is especially useful in circumstances where you do not have modern hearing aids that are compatible with mobile devices. There are also a number of apps in the Apple and Google Play stores that use some of the most cutting-edge, latest technology to do things like live transcribing the content you're watching, making noise adjustments based on your specific hearing care needs, and more.

Invest in High-Tech Hearing Aids

As we briefly touched on in the last section, there are a number of hearing aids on the market with the ability to connect with either your smartphone directly, or a third-party smartphone app. The most advanced hearing aids are made with Bluetooth technology, allowing them to connect and communicate with any number of devices. With this functionality, you can make and receive calls without ever having to pick up your phone.

You can even make adjustments to the hearing aid settings through your smartphone, allowing you to make minute changes like controlling levels of background noise and the severity of other sounds. If you're interested in a hearing assessment to see what make and model are the best hearing aids for your needs, don't hesitate to make an appointment with Francis Audiology or another hearing specialist.

Make Use of Video Calls

Sometimes, visibly seeing the person trying to communicate with you can be helpful in understanding what they are saying. Alongside active transcriptions, visual cues like sign language and lip reading can help patients hear what a person is attempting to communicate.

Video calls are also an excellent way to connect with people who don't have a smartphone, as you can use LipSync technology to automatically convert their speech into text. This type of service is commonplace for anyone using the internet and modern software, so there's no need to worry about your device being up-to-date in terms of compatibility.

Make Sure Your Phone Placement is Beneficial

Understanding that phone placement can greatly impact the manner in which certain sounds reach your ears is something that some patients aren't aware of. For instance, when talking on your phone, it's best to keep it close to the ear with hearing loss. This will ensure that all audio is being directed towards the impaired ear and minimize any background noise that might interfere with conversation. It also helps if you have a headset or other device that can be used in place of a regular handset.

Receive A Diagnostic Evaluation at Francis Audiology

There a number of barriers that come with hearing loss and general hearing inability. At Francis Audiology, our staff has been tirelessly working for years toward the goal of making your auditory experiences more accessible and efficient. We’ve worked with patients of all types and conditions, and know that there’s a hearing solution for nearly everyone.

If you are interested in learning if hearing aids are right for you or are ready to upgrade your hearing device, contact our team of highly skilled audiologists at Francis Audiology or schedule an appointment directly online today!