shutterstock_1771325888.jpeg (shutterstock_1771325888.webp)Swimming is a great way to exercise and enjoy the summer weather. But swimmer’s ear and waterlog can keep you out of the pool and affect your hearing. If you are tired of water getting trapped in your ears, consider custom ear plugs for swimming. Read about how these earpieces can provide individualized protection for your ears.  

What Are Custom-Made Earmolds? 

Did you know that no two ear canals are the same shape or size? Your ears are part of what makes you, you. Even though all ears are unique to the individual, water and noise can be detrimental to everyone’s hearing health. That is why the custom-made earmolds at Francis Audiology are specifically designed to protect your ears. 

Custom-made earmolds form a seal within your ear to create an improved, protected listening experience. How does it work? The latest cutting-edge technology in these earpieces are designed to defend the ears from high-pitched noises and louden low-frequency sounds which can be difficult to hear. In addition to protecting against noise-induced hearing damage, these earmolds can also provide swimmers with protection from irritating and painful water damage. 

Why Do I Need Custom-Made Earmolds? 

When you swim, it is common for water to become trapped in your ears. Typically, this is not an issue because the wax in your ears prevents water from entering deep within the ear canal. Problems arise, however, when water or fluid becomes trapped in your ear. This condition is known as waterlog. The trapped water in your ears may initially cause a tickling sensation or discomfort. Waterlog can lead to pain and serious infection known as swimmer’s ear. 

Swimmer’s ear, or acute otitis externa, is an ear infection caused by bacterial growth due to water trapped in the ear. This can cause swelling and irritation of the outer ear. If left untreated, swimmer’s ear can affect your hearing. You will typically experience the first sign of swimmer’s ear with an itching feeling in your ear. This symptom is followed by extreme pain and muffled hearing. Custom molded ear protection can prevent swimmer’s ear by keeping your ears dry while you swim. 

What Else Can Custom-Made Earmolds Be Used For?

You can still benefit from custom-made earmolds even if you are not a swimmer. These ear pieces are also designed to prevent noise-induced hearing loss, a beneficial feature for pilots.  While traditional hearing protection for pilots such as muffs and foam can cause communication difficulties, custom-made hearing molds are designed to provide pilots with exceptional sound quality while filtering out unwanted sounds. 

Custom-made earmolds can additionally prevent painful popping due to factors such as altitude and air pressure. When we fly, altitude changes cause our ears to pop. While this typically does not cause any damage to the eardrum, this can be especially uncomfortable or painful if the person flying has a cold or sinus congestion. Custom-made earmolds can minimize this discomfort by helping to equalize air pressure in the ear. 

Are Custom-Made Earmolds For Me? 

Whether you are a swimmer looking for a fun way to exercise this summer, or a pilot looking for advanced hearing protection, everyone can benefit from custom-made hearing molds. These hearing devices protect your ears from one of the leading causes of hearing loss: noise. With custom-made hearing molds, you will not have to worry about turning up the volume on your television or blasting music from your headphones. Just as hearing is an individual experience, these earpieces will provide you with individualized protection tailored to your ear size and shape. 

Prioritize your hearing with custom hearing protection. Order your custom-made earmolds today from Francis Audiology! Not only do we guarantee fast service, but we also ship custom earmolds. Call us at (724)-667-2758 or schedule an appointment to have your hearing evaluated, or your ear impressions made by one of our audiologists or hearing aids specialists.